Questions for Pre-Access

  • 1. Do you plan to release the Token/Coin in USA, Singapore, China or Japan?

    If No, then it may be a utility token, so move to the second question.

  • 2. Does your Token have a particular function which makes it essential to perform a function inside your application ecosystem?

    If Yes, then it may be a utility token, so move to the third question.

  • 3. Is your Token distributing profits from the future business in any form such as by dividends, bonus Tokens or any other form of profit sharing?

    If No, then it may be a utility token, so move to the fourth question.

  • 4. Are you marketing the Token sale as an ‘ICO’?

    If No, then it may be a utility token, so move to the last question.

  • 5. Has the infrastructure for the use of your Token (such as the application where it will be used) already been developed?

    If Yes, then it may be a utility token.

Limited Time Offer

This First Access Pass is to for a guaranteed fast turn around Listing for $65,000 USD or as of 5/22/2018 97 Ether. This price will be honored by the Min Deposit of 3 Ether and Balance upon Final Approval. Your deposit is refundable should for any reason the Exchange cannot list your Token.

Their turn around time after Submitting the short Monark First Access Intake form, the 94 Ether Balance and NDA is approximately 48 hours. Should you require another Date to List please make it known.


Be a Utility Token
After Approval Deliver 100,000 of Your Tokens to the Exchange for Liquidity. *50,000 of these Tokens can be returned in Case for any Reason your Token is delisted or moved from the Exchange.
In Return, Boa Exchange will give you 45,000 Boa Tokens.
Deposit of 3 Ether on or before 5/24/2018
Complete the Attached Forms
We will give you the Approval Code and the Balance of 94 Ether will be due. BTC is also accepted.

This is an Exclusive offer only for Monark Clients

Monark Exchange Solutions has a ‘Slam Dunk’ opportunity Only for our friends.

We have secured ‘First Access’Listing on Exchange – Slot guaranteed* under which certain Tokens will be prequalified to be Listed on ‘The Exchange’.  Monark Clients will receive the Exchange Beta Codes for Access to file your Token Listing through Monark on ‘The Exchange’. When the Approval is complete your Token will be listed on ‘The Exchange’ within 48 hours (in most cases).

*Monark will Pre-Qualify and Approve a Utility Token with a Letter Signed by a Law Firm.

Approvals will go to the first adopters that Deposit into Escrow 8.27 BTC to Monark and fill in and Return our short Pre- Qualifier Acceptance Form. Monark is obligated to vet each project for proper legal considerations*. Your space will be held by your deposit for a Slot during the time when the Prequalification documents are being processed.

*Qualified Tokens rated by Monark Intake Acceptance MatrixReduces Token Delisting.

Receive your Beta codes for ‘First Access’ from Monark.

The Exchange’s Guidelines and Fees are straightforward. You can’t make an account on ‘The Exchange’ unless you have a beta code, a physical code which we will provide to our Clients to access ‘The Exchange’. This is ‘First Access’.

The Exchange’ Qualifications and Fees

1.) Send 100K of the Token/Coin to be listed and $75,000 USD in BTC or Ether,

 2.)  Request Contract and Deposit 8.27 BTC, The deposit is 100% refundable should your Token Not Qualify as  Utility.

3.) ‘The Exchange’ will provide these ‘First Access’ Placements with 45,000 of The Exchanges Token. (Clients Privilege) as an added bonus.


You receive your Beta codes for Monark ‘First Access’ on payment of 8.27BTC

What you get

Exchange Qualification and Fees

  1. 100K of the Token Be Listed (TBL) should be sent to the Exchange
  2. $75,000 (USD) in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) should be sent to the Exchange
  3. 45,000 ‘The Exchange’ Tokens will be sent as a bonus to the persons using Monark First Access services to market their Tokens
  4. The listing of the Token will be Guaranteed on ‘The Exchange’ subject to fulfillment of certain conditions
  5. Save $100,000 Instantly, from flat rate, versus what some Exchanges charge.
  6. Save your Token’s Community with ‘The Exchange’ Listing

‘First Access’ Exchange Listing for under $75,000 USD (4/26/2018)

‘Community Happiness! Priceless’. If you are honestly debating this, do it for your Tokens Community!

Reply immediately to begin the Pre-Qualification Process (Serious Inquiries Only Please): The Name of the Exchange will be revealed to Monark Clients Only for these initial Slots.

*Monark: Pre-Qualified and Approved as a Utility Token with Letter Signed by Law Firm.  Qualified Tokens rated by Monark Intake Acceptance Matrix – Reduces Token Delisting.


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